Top 5 Reasons To Use A Glass Device Protector

If you are serious about your device protection, then it is advisable to add an extra layer on top of your normal phone screen. Considering a variety of covers on the market, tempered glass screen protector is one of the best with reasons to support, many found at Below 5 reasons of the many to have this sort of protector on your device.

What is a Tempered Glass?

This is a glass that is made through controlled chemicals plus a thermal treatment to boost its strength. In the first place the glass is heated and then cooled rapidly in presence of blowers. From this, one of the surface is cooled more faster than the other, leaving it compressed while the other surface is left in tension. This makes the glass stronger; 5-10 times than normal glass protectors.

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Offer:

  1. It is More Durable. The main and biggest reason is because of its durability. These glasses are hardened up to 2.5D hence you will never worry about the screen display if you happen to carry your phone in the same pocket with keys and coins. It has the ability to resist scratches from sharp pointed objects. The glass also absorb shock any time you drop your gadget hence it protects your display. Any time your phone falls, the tempered glass will shatter into small pieces, but leaves your screen display intact.durable
  2. Better Texture and Feel. If you touch the tempered glass protector on your screen you feel as if it isn’t even there. You will feel better touching the glass compared to other plastic screen protectors. The glass durability extends the feel hence it will have a long run. The glass also gets rid of grease from dirty fingers.
  3. Easy to Clean. As for other screen guards, the scratches accumulate and make them harder to clean. With tempered glass screen protector it is different. It comes with an oleophobic coating which resist scratches and also fingerprints.
  4. Outdoor Visibility. The other conventional plastic, glossy and matte finish screen guards affects the device’s outdoor visibility. On the other hand, Tempered glass will never affect outdoor visibility if well installed.
  5. Sharpness or Clarity. With a glass protector, you will never have your device colors, image quality or Sharpness display affected. If you like watching movies or images on your smart phone, tempered glass screen protector is the one you should go for.

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